Finest Quality Cannabis

At Mo’ Dank, we want you to find your personal connection to cannabis because we think you should only have the finest cannabis on the planet. Like our products, you too are exquisite, and you deserve the best!

Mo’ Dank cannabis is something to be proud of and cherished for its exceptionality. It is the embodiment of cannabis enthusiasts across all walks of life. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because Mo’Dank isn’t just a brand, it’s a promise that every bud will be more dank than the rest.

We curate, propagate, cultivate, extract, and dispense the highest quality cannabis experiences.

We love good weed! And when the weed is good, it must be properly handled, packaged, and dispensed to reflect all the qualities that make it good weed. Terpenes, full trichome heads, and bud structure are but a few of the qualities that make a Mo' Dank bud stand out from the rest. To be Mo' Dank, the plant must exhibit qualities that express the highest quality and reflect an essence of dankness. So go on and be Mo' Dank, live Mo' Dank, and smoke Mo'Dank, because everything else is just mids.

in Mo'


Mo’ Dank has collected a vast array of the highest quality and most sought after genetics, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. Our cultivators have conducted extensive pheno hunts to put our own personal touch on an already exciting library of genetics, which is why we say our cannabis is “Made in ‘Mo.”.


Our industry leading facility design and environmental controls allow us to operate with methodical and consistent cultivation practices. We are dialed in to produce the highest quality and consistent cannabis products with each harvest. Our cultivators exude passion for the plants and Mo’Dank products because they know the cannabis consumers in Missouri appreciate and deserve the very best the plant has to offer.


During each of our harvests, our cultivators hand cut, hang, and dry or fresh freeze our flower. When ready, the top tier buds are either hand trimmed or artfully extracted to ensure the highest quality and most appealing products to provide Missouri cannabis consumers with a unique and unmatched experience. Mo’ Dank is a labor of love and a work of art that really is that much more dank than the rest.


To provide our patients with many different options of consumption, our lab team uses only the finest flower for Mo’ Dank extracts. Plants with the best characteristics for concentrates are specifically selected to be cultivated for extraction so that the terpenes and cannabinoids can be artfully extracted to create high quality live resin and solventless concentrates.

Mo’ Dank live resin is made from freshly harvested and frozen plant material which is then bathed in a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons to unlock the most desirable properties of cannabis while leaving the undesirable parts such as lipids, chlorophyll, and plant matter attached to the plant.

Post processing all remaining hydrocarbon is removed through a slow and safe process utilizing vacuum ovens to ensure that only cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids remain to provide the best live resin concentrates worthy of being Mo’ Dank. Our solventless extractions use only ice and water to separate the trichome heads from the plant material.

Once all moisture is removed through delicate freeze drying of the hash, we use light heat and pressure to craft the finest hash rosin. Mo’ Dank solventless concentrates come in several different forms and are highly sought after.

Connect and Sesh

We pride ourselves in providing a full-service product from start to finish. This is why we have the best of the best to package, pack, and ship each of our products to only the finest dispensaries. Mo’ Dank dispensary partners are trained by our staff to knowledgeably educate cannabis consumers on the benefits and processes we utilize to ensure every product we make is Mo’ Dank. We do all of this to ensure that you have a shesh to remember with Mo’ Dank!

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"Had the MO'Dank Runtz Your Face Off Preroll, and it was 🔥! Beautiful plant!"


"This GMO was sooo stinky + had that perfect fan-fave taste."


"Finally got to try that Mo'Dank melon juice, pleaassee keep that stuff coming y'all! Delicious terps..."


"I love mo dank! I’ve tried every strain that’s came to my local dispensary and have met with some of the staff at events! Great people doing great things in MO."

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